For C.S.

Photo by Pixabay.
A radiant man appeared
in my dream; his long
raven hair flowing
His eyes were dark pools
of love, his kind face
filled with empathy.
He was a scholar and
a teacher, with a voice
both soothing and
His white robes swirled
like sails in the wind as
he took my hand with
I was at my lowest
point, my spirit bound
as a slave.
My body broken.
My dreams dying.
My life; all was
in vain.
He pulled me forward
to follow; to join him
in his quest.
He spoke of my dreams
and purpose, of which
I should never
The end of the quest
remains unknown,
but my journey is
just beginning.
The man and I, together,
will travel the stars
to eternity.

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