Rose Haiku


A single red rose.

How kind of you to draw my

attention to you!



Dew lies on a rose-

crimson red and crystal clear.

A perfect union.


The soft, crimson rose.

To be that much alive, and

yet not disruptive.


Desert Haiku


Alone on a hill;

ahead, the vast desert scene.

Healer of my mind.



Harsh, dark gray desert-

your moods affect my life and

tell me where to turn.

Meditation Haiku


Stars solemnly shine.

I sit, staring up; my mind

at peace with myself.


Clouds cover the sky,

distracting me from the sun.

A time to reflect.


Softly, my cat purrs-

a melody of the world,

joining us as one.


Gently, the rain falls.

Breezes blowing cool and free,

my mind cleared of cares.


A dove sings softly-

saying ever so plainly,

I’m here. I exist.


Those I Love


Here’s to those who dare to be different. You are far more braver than I.



Normal cannot see them.

Normal cannot see the

beauty and poetry.

Normal is blind to the

beauty of the Unique.

The joy they give me,

they enrich my life.

The Unique make my

life worth living.

Normal labels them abnormal,

abomination, ungodly.

The labels mean nothing.

I see through the lies.

Normal is ungodly, unholy,

and unwise.

Normal is hateful, blind

to beauty and art.

The Unique move the world

forward, with elegance,

grace, and love.

Normal holds it back

with a chain, linked by

the need to conform.


False Love


To all those preaching┬ápeople out there who “love” so much they would oppress others to save them.



Don’t say you love me,

while you condemn me

to Hell.




Don’t say you love me,

while you throw me out

from where you dwell.




Don’t say you love me,

while you pass your

unjust laws.




Don’t say you love me,

while you persecute me

without cause.




Don’t say you love me,

with a big smile on

your face;




while you plunge the

dagger in my heart,

plotting my fate.




Don’t say you love me,

oh so-called

Man of God.




I can’t believe a word

you say; you’re

nothing but a fraud.





At One With Life and Myself


When I left religion, I gained a happiness and peace I had never felt before.



Religion taught me I was made

out of dirt, and dirt is what I became.

To never be happy with what I am,

to live my life in shame.




Science taught me I was made of

stardust, the stars in the sky above.

Science taught me all Life is related;

Science taught me to love.




Religion taught me we are tainted

with sin, and must be burned in Hell.

Burned like trash, disgusting trash,

unredeemable and unwell.




I am not filth to be burned, or

dirt to be swept up by god.

I share a kinship with Life, the

Universe, however it may be flawed.

Blessed Be The Poor

Based on a true story. Thankfully, the shouting lady was told to take a hike.



Standing in line at the food bank,

faces all the same.

Smiling church folk pass out

potatoes, along with a good dose

of shame.




Across the street, the lady shouts,

the bullhorn reminds us

we’re scum. “JESUS SAVES!”

she shrieks, “I’M PROOF! I’M PROOF!”





At the end of the line, the

sweet old man smiles and

says “God Bless You!”

He hands you the tract, letting

you know, Hell is there for you too.