The religious right has been gaining power over the last decade. It is bad enough that they want to suppress our basic rights, but now they are committing an even bigger travesty. They are invading schools to spread their ignorance and bigotry. They are re-writing history and destroying science education in order to please their “god”. What is worse, many of them do not even care about the consequences of their acts. Why should they, when they believe that Jesus is going to come soon and take them all to heaven?
It is tempting to just sit back and mock these people. We cannot afford to do it. Although they seem stupid and ignorant to us, they are experts at bullying politicians into giving them their way. They know how to reach the most vulnerable amongst us, and they know how to manipulate our most vile and primitive emotions. And now, many are also allied with the survivalist and the gun worshipers, which makes them even more dangerous.
As I have said, it is not enough to turn them into a joke, nor is it safe to believe that this is just a quirk in U.S. history. You cannot debate with these people; they are blinded by their belief that “God is on their side.” Everyone else is misled by Satan. There are two things you can do: 1. Keep in touch with Congress and the President. Let them know that if they cave in to the religious right, they will hear from you, and it will affect whom you vote for. 2. Make sure you are getting the correct information out to the public. Teach your children real science, offer to tutor others, speak up. They love to ban books, so make sure you have copies of all the important, controversial information in order to share it with others. And above all, be kind to and take care of the mentally ill. Those are the ones they prey on and get on their side.
The religious right is powerful, and they are a real danger to the world. They do not need to be tolerated; they need to be stopped. I know. I used to be one of them.


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