Update: Blogging In My New Life

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My life has drastically changed since my last post. For a recap, my landlord decided to not renew our lease, and told us to leave our apartment by November 30. I managed to talk him into extending it to December 31. In the middle of a pandemic, he chose to put out two vulnerable, older people with chronic health problems, and he chose to do it during the holidays. The reason? So he could remodel and raise the rent. The sad thing is, he knew the apartment had many problems, and this whole thing could have been done last year, in a more humane way. Why am I telling you this? Not to whine, but to warn everyone that you can do everything right, and still be at the mercy of the powerful. We were not behind on rent and we caused no trouble. He put out our neighbor, an old man with stomach cancer, at the same time. I will leave it to you to judge his character.

We almost didn’t make it out on time. No one wanted to rent to us because we didn’t make enough income. Others didn’t want people on any kind of public assistance, and some refused because they didn’t consider my partner’s disability check income. Such is the inequality of modern America.

As we got desperate, the manager called to warn us the landlord was preparing eviction papers, and was already informing the sheriff. He wanted us out on New Years Day. Such is his character.

But, we found a place. This landlord decided to give us a chance, and so far, he has been good and helpful. I will be honest; this place is not the best place to live. It’s tiny, and it need a ton of work, but it’s livable. I am grateful to him for giving us a place to live. It will do for now. And, the cats came with us. We all stayed together.

I am not bitter. I was angry and depressed. I’m doing better, but the emotional scars will last forever. My partner suffered horribly during this ordeal, and he is slow in recovering. I doubt I will ever trust anyone again.

Because of all this, I was unable to write. I finally got my desk set up, and I hope to be blogging soon. I am exhausted, physically and mentally. My fibro is in overdrive. I was unable to exercise or eat right, and my health is showing it. It will be a long, slow recovery.

I am going to resume my schedule of publishing every Sunday morning, 8 a.m. MST. The posts will probably be short as I get into the writing habit again. I had a bunch of ideas before our crisis, but they were lost in the stress of my mind. I don’t know if I will remember them.

It will be a challenge, but I look forward to writing again. I want to end this by thanking those who helped me through this ordeal. My new landlord, for giving us a home. My brother John and his friend for helping us move. John again, for financial help. My neighbor, and my niece Vicky for their moral support. My neighbor again for driving us and for making copies of documents we needed. And, not to be forgotten, my readers, Twitter followers and Facebook followers for their love and encouragement during this time. I will never forget you. You made me realize their are still good people in the world.

Thanks to all of you.

An Update On This Blog

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I have some semi-good news to report. I have managed to talk my landlord into allowing us to stay until December 31. This gives us a little more breathing room, but not much. It is still incredibly stressful.

My partner has suffered terribly through all this. He had severe chest pains, and his blood pressure is through the roof. His doctor is concerned, but he is holding his own for now.

All is not lost. My brother is helping us to get on public housing, but it will take time. In the meantime, we must find a temporary place to live, and that is difficult during the pandemic and a bad economy.

As for my writing, I cannot do it now. I am under a tremendous amount of stress, and it is affecting my health. It’s all I can do to keep going to find us a home and take care of my partner. I may try some short pieces, since writing has always been a source of comfort for me. I will return to this blog, but I’m not sure exactly when.

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind remarks. They have helped me through this difficult time.

Throughout it all, I still have hope.

A Temporary Hiatus Due to my Problems

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It grieves me to announce this. I have a serious problem. My landlord has decided to not renew our lease. We got very little warning, and we must vacate by November 30. I am angry, heartbroken, and scared.

I had some good ideas planned for this blog. I was going to do some flash fiction horror stories, as well as some Autumn poetry for November. I am so upset, I cannot think straight, let alone write. I may or may not go through with writing these now, as I am busy packing and trying to find a new home. Plus, I am worried that I might have to give up my cats. That would break my heart.

I was told all my life that if you worked hard and payed your bills on time, everything would be okay. I know now that isn’t true. Myself, my partner, and another elderly man with cancer are being pushed out of our apartments because “I’m losing money on this building. I can raise the rent after I remodel.” His words. He refused to fix everything while we lived here, citing lack of money, but now he has these grand plans for the place.

I don’t love this apartment. It’s a dump. There are problems too numerous to mention, and it isn’t safe for us. But, we are on a fixed income, and we have serious health problems. And we are old. If we had a few months warning, we could have been out by now. Dropping this bomb on us, right before the American holiday season, was cruel and sadistic. This landlord has lied and verbally abused us in the past. I should have seen it coming.

I do have some help. My brother is a lawyer, and is doing what he can. My partner’s sister also volunteered to help, and to take us in if we have nowhere to go. Problem is, I would have to move to Arizona, give up my cats, and I could possibly lose my healthcare. (I’m under the ACA.) But that’s the last resort.

I am hopeful that, as I adjust and form a plan, I will be able to write these stories and poems by the end of November. But if not, this is the reason why I cannot do it. I am not giving up this blog, nor am I giving up writing. I have to focus my full attention on this problem.

I will return. In time.

Always remember, if you work hard and pay your bills, the rug can be ripped out from you at any time. The rich and powerful will use you and spit you out when you no longer serve their purpose. And if someone has shown their bad character, be cautious if they suddenly turn nice. They are setting you up for the kill. Bad people don’t suddenly turn nice. I learned that the hard way. Liars will always be liars.

Thank you for following my blog. Thank you for the complements. I will be back writing in the future.


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Ghosts fly through the night

Their sorrowful moans give a fright

Cold wind rushes in the trees

In chilled veins blood will freeze

Owls scream and black cats hiss

The old witch cackles with evil bliss

Werewolves prowl in search of prey

howling to the skies of gray

Vampires stalk with grinning fangs

From haunted eaves bats do hang

Children whisper under the roof

while candy satisfies a sweet tooth

Stories told-are they true?

Tall tales told while candy corn is chewed?

Or, is there something more?

Scary monsters outside the door?

Who dares to go out and brave the fight

on a spooky, cold Halloween night?

Halloween Joy

Photo by Bibi K. on Pexels.com

Cardboard cuts of grinning Jacks

hung with pride with lots of tacks

The perfect pumpkin brings such bliss

with gooshy guts-so fun to squish!

Hunt to find the perfect mask

A serious and important task!

The Big Night has come, so off to beg

The most generous houses already pegged

Tons of candy, worth the wait

Then off to bed with a tummy ache

Another Halloween come and gone

Memories last on and on