I have not lost my faith,
but gained my sanity.

I have not become bitter,
but learned to be happy.

I have not closed my mind,
but have become rational.

I have not lost my soul,
but renewed my sense of awe.

I have not rejected god,
but embraced universal wisdom.

I am no longer a Christian,
but an imperfect Human Woman.

For C.S.

A radiant man appeared
in my dream; his long
raven hair flowing
His eyes were dark pools
of love, his kind face
filled with empathy.
He was a scholar and
a teacher, with a voice
both soothing and
His white robes swirled
like sails in the wind as
he took my hand with
I was at my lowest
point, my spirit bound
as a slave.
My body broken.
My dreams dying.
My life; all was
in vain.
He pulled me forward
to follow; to join him
in his quest.
He spoke of my dreams
and purpose, of which
I should never
The end of the quest
remains unknown,
but my journey is
just beginning.
The man and I, together,
will travel the stars
to eternity.

Three Haiku

Night sky, what is it

about your beauty, luring

me from this tired Earth?


The moon rises full-

so bright, so grand, so lovely,

soon to fade away.


A soft cloudy night-

Crickets chirp, a cool breeze blows-

all hold me in awe.