Photo by Pexels

Cold wet nose

Soft brown eyes

so warm and filled with compassion

Always by my side

ready to play

Catch! Fetch! Tricks to perform!

Your huge smile makes my day!

Then it’s time for a long snooze

under a tall shady tree

A good supper, then off to bed

Sweet snoring

lulls me to sleep

and the night I never need dread

Together we walk through the neighborhood

with a grin and tail wag to greet

Unless someone tries to do me harm

then growls and sharp teeth he will meet!


My true best friend

Guardian, playmate, companion




Love that never ends

Noble Prince

black horse running on grass field with flowers
Photo by Jan Laugesen on

To spring along the dandelions

is all his heart desires

and yet-

the flash of fire in his eyes shows

the blood of his Noble Sire

Young Prince

destined to lead the herd

with sharp hoof, teeth, and fury

Running, fighting, protecting the mares

A life filled with death and worry

But, for now, the future is far away…

Now is the time to frolic and play…

Run, Young Prince!

Run with the wind!

Your time will come to be King

For now, embrace the sun

on your back

and the flowers of a happy Spring

Memories of the Pacific

beach water steps sand
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

For a short time

I forgot…

the screaming

the violence

the ugliness

The Pacific embraced

me as a friend…

He shared his toys

with me

Shells, rocks, bits

of kelp

He shared his friends

Gulls sang to me

   Crabs played by my side

    Starfish came out to say hello

I miss him

For one wonderful summer

I forgot my home

And I was happy


arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky
Photo by Nextvoyage on

Dust drifts on a hot breeze

 Dry, brown grass droops

in sorrow over

 glittering stones

Lizards and cacti embrace

the glaring sun with joy

Distant blue mountains tease

 with promises of cool streams

and green moss

and the pungent scent of pine

My land

My sanctuary




Beautiful, wild, untamed

Loved eternally

My Soul rests

in Her




black cat walking on road
Photo by David Bartus on

A graceful walk

A coat of silk

 Eyes gazing into


      Pointed white teeth give

a sharp nip

A soft head butt

 makes all better

   Meditation to the

    rumble of a purr

      Warm body soothes

the pain


My friend

My familiar

  May your Spirit

never wane