Earth and Rain

Photo by Pixabay



Softly the rain falls at night;
the parched Earth drinks deep
from the dark waters.




Photo by the author.











This was written on a horribly stressful day in America. The internet was aflame with rage. Sometimes, we forget how long the Earth has survived. It will go on, with or without humanity. Step back, spend time with nature. This, too, will pass…


The World in Turmoil.

Everything seems to be lost.

Look up. A sunrise.

Dark Windows

Photo by Pixabay.



Through the dark windows, people lie.
Through the dark windows, secrets hide.
The walls hide what must not be seen;
secrets keep society nice and clean.

Behind the dark windows, nobody knows.
Behind the dark windows, falsehoods grow.
Human monsters lurk, feasting on prey;
crimes don’t see the light of day.

Dirty dark windows hide the shame.
Dirty dark windows absolve the blame.
Children alone will hide and weep;
privileged secrets they must keep.

Queenly Love

Photo by Pixabay.


Head held high, tail up straight,
she trots along with a dainty gait.
Nose in the air, eyes all vain,
this whole household is held
in disdain.
The Queen approaches; everyone bow!
Her needs must be attended to NOW!
Though she sneers down at her subjects
from high above, in secret moments,
she shows her love.
She MUST pretend she could care less,
you see. But the reality is, my Kitty
dearly loves me.